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Christmas Appeal 2023

Help create special festive moments today, for priceless memories tomorrow.


Everyone at St Peter & St James Hospice is committed to ensuring our patients enjoy quality time with those they care about; special moments that will become tomorrow’s memories.

For eight years, I’ve worked on the Inpatient Unit and have seen the incredible care that we deliver, both as a Nurse, and as a relative of a patient, my lovely father-in-law.

For Victoria, Nick and their babies, creating a special last Christmas, shared with friends and family, was vital.

Nick had been diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 29 and following the birth of their twin daughters, the whole family had one Christmas all together. The following year Nick sadly died.

We supported the family throughout their journey. We were on hand to talk, to help answer the tough questions he had about end of life. And, for his wife and parents, spent time empowering them so that they could make memories of being together in the time they had left.

You can read more about Nick and Victoria’s story below.

With no limit on the number of visitors, and no restriction on time spent together, family pets welcomed and the beautiful backdrop of the stunning Sussex downs from each bedroom window, this Christmas families will spend valuable time together, enjoying precious moments and creating lasting memories.

I will be here at the Hospice on Christmas day, looking after patients and their families, ensuring your kindness is put to work, while in the community, our Nurse teams will be spreading the Christmas magic to the homes of those they visit, supporting families to enjoy and celebrate the festive season together.

On behalf of the patients, staff and volunteers at St Peter & St James Hospice this Christmas, thank you for making a difference today.

Faye, Registered Nurse

Read more about Victoria & Nick's story

If you can only have a short life, make it a magnificent one, as Nick’s was.

My husband Nick wasn’t the type to just sit quietly in the corner. He loved to take risks, to give things a go without any fear. He was cheeky, naughty – in a good way, loads of fun.

When he was diagnosed with brain cancer – at only 29 years of age – he was more worried about everyone else. I remember him asking, ‘Are you sure you want to stay with me?’ ‘Of course,’ I said. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else and cancer didn’t change that.

Even going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy he never took a day off work. His test results seemed really positive and he went from monthly to six-monthly scans. It felt like we were ‘beating’ the cancer.

In 2019, Rose and Sophia were born. It was around Christmas, though, that Nick asked if I noticed him slurring his words. I had; fearing the worst, I realised that this could be both our first and only Christmas together as a family. And, if that was true, I was determined that it would be amazing.

Read Victoria & Nick's story

‘This Christmas, please help St Peter & St James Hospice ensure more families like ours, get the chance to spend this special time together, making memories to cherish in the future, just like I do today, and every day.’

~ Victoria, Nick’s Wife

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