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COVID-19: Updated Hospice Visitor Information (Nov 2021)

By November 5, 2021October 11th, 2022No Comments

Visits from close family and friends are an important part of daily life for people cared for on our ward. We welcome visitors as we know how important your visit is for the person you are coming to see and, of course, for you too.

We want things to go well, so we’ve set out below our expectations and how you can help make sure that things go smoothly. Although Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, we are still a healthcare setting looking after highly vulnerable people so we need to continue to have measures in place to protect you and us so we can maintain our services.

Please follow the expectations below whilst you are visiting, this is to ensure the safety of our patients, our staff and you. If you do not understand why we are asking you to do something or you are not prepared to do what we ask, please talk with the nurse in charge to see if there is a reasonable alternative we can agree on. We reserve the right to refuse visitors but hope this would be in exceptional circumstances.

  • Our visiting hours are now between 11am and 6pm daily. We still need to have some limitations in place to allow us to monitor who is visiting. Visiting outside this time is exceptional and only by appointment or invitation of the nurse in charge.
  • Visiting should be booked in advance where possible through the hospice reception by telephoning 01444 471598, Monday – Friday 9:30am – 4pm.
  • You should book weekend visits in advance before 4pm on Friday.
  • We can arrange Google Meet, Zoom or FaceTime meetings for others who want to contact those who are staying with us if you provide details.
  • There is a limit of two visitors at any time in the hospice rooms due to the need to allow space for social distancing in the rooms; the only exception would be for young children.
  • We are required to ask all visitors to undertake a Lateral Flow Covid test twice a week. This means you need to book a test time in with reception and you will be asked to wait 30 minutes in your car to get your test result before you will be allowed to visit. If you are already testing at home via the NHS scheme or other, then we will only accept email or text proof of a negative test result on the day that you are visiting or in the previous 2 days. A photo of a negative test or the test itself is not sufficient proof.
  • Please do not visit the hospice if you have been identified by Test & Trace as a contact of someone who is Covid positive. If your visit is necessary because the person you are visiting is approaching end of life then you will need to provide evidence of a negative PCR result as well as a negative lateral flow test on the day of your visit.
  • When you arrive at the hospice, all visitors must report to reception first. We are now allowing visitors to access the patient rooms through the hospice rather than using the external doors.
  • After 5pm on weekdays or at the weekends, please wait for someone to answer the door – our nurses may be busy delivering care. We ask you to do this to make sure the person you are visiting is ready for you.
  • We have reopened our patients lounge area, which as a visitor you can use to make yourself a drink or if you need to wait while the person you are visiting is receiving care. Please ask a member of staff for directions if you are unsure of where this is.
  • Visiting at the end of life – you will be advised if visiting can be relaxed further regarding the timings of visits, but the other measures will still apply. Please do not hesitate to discuss this with the nurse in charge if you have any concerns or questions.
  • When you arrive at the hospice, please use the hand gel located in our reception area.
  • All visitors must wear face coverings at all times inside the hospice – covering your nose and mouth. You will be given a surgical face mask at reception. Masks should be removed when leaving the hospice and placed in the bin provided by the front door. It is not OK to take your PPE off in the room or let the mask slip below your nose or wear it below your chin.
  • If we need to deliver care to your relative during your visit, we will ask you to leave the room for the period that the nurses are delivering care. You can wait in the patient lounge as mentioned above.
  • Please observe social distancing at all times.

Please remember we may need to change our guidance in the future based on the updates we receive from the Department of Health and Social Care.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Barbara Williams
Chief Executive