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Dave and Liv enjoy ‘stunning’ and ‘magical’ wedding day at St Peter & St James Hospice

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Dave and Liv first knew of each other through work, however met properly on a night out and became a couple soon after. Now aged 25, they’ve enjoyed six years of amazing adventures, eaten their way through multiple food festivals together and shared a passion for politics.

In June 2016, Dave was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, and in January this year the couple received the devastating news that there are no further treatment options. When they asked if they could get married at the hospice, it was our absolute privilege to team up with Gift of a Wedding and fulfil their wish. Hospice care is about living well and helping people to enjoy life; we were never going to let Dave’s illness stop him from having one of the best days of his life. A huge congratulations to our lovely newlyweds! 

‘I’m incredibly lucky to be with Dave,’ Liv says. ‘I fell in love with him because he’s intelligent, passionate and can always make me laugh. He’s also a big foodie like me and has accepted my crazy cat lady ways! We’ve had so much fun together; we’ve been to Oxford, Valencia, Paris, America; there have been so many brilliant holidays and day trips too. We’re not the kind of people to sit still!

‘We got engaged in January and were planning to get married in April, but when Dave deteriorated and was brought into the hospice we decided to bring it forward and ask if we could hold it here. It made sense to do it in a safe place where Dave would only ever be 50ft from the expert care of doctors and nurses, and while he still had the quality of life to really enjoy the day. We were so thrilled when we got a yes!

‘The charity ‘Gift of a Wedding’ had already kindly agreed to help us so with the hospice stepping in it became a huge team effort. We were inundated with support from generous companies and local people and are so grateful. We were gifted a DJ, canapés, fizz, a buffet, beautiful decorations, a photobooth and a delicious cake! The wedding was pulled together in just 10 days and was filled with so much love and happiness – it was stunning and magical. Thankfully, Dave has improved since being at the hospice and may be discharged for a while, but the fact is that he is terminally ill. To be able to have had such an incredible wedding and share the day with loved ones means so much. I’m so proud to call Dave my husband.’

‘When I think of Liv, I would say it’s her compassion I love the most,’ Dave adds. ‘She gives so much love and kindness to the world and is always helping others. I admire her intelligence, fearlessness and determination as well. She’s been by my side throughout all of this too.

‘It was important to us both that the wedding felt as normal as possible. I had huge faith in Liv and the team but still couldn’t quite believe how it turned out. I can’t thank everyone enough. You wouldn’t for a second have thought we were in a hospice – it felt like we were in a proper wedding venue! I feel incredibly lucky to have married Liv. It was one of the best days of my life.’

Watch Dave and Liv’s wedding video

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