Lights of Love at Home

Watch the service

Join us to celebrate and remember at home this December.

Our Lights of Love at Home service will take place at 2pm today. Through readings, quiet reflection and the lighting of candles, we hope our uplifting online memorial service will remind you of good times and bring you comfort and peace. For more information please email or call 01444 470208.


During todays service, we will be remembering:

Anne Ashford Palmer

Lin Atkins

John Austin

Veronica Barton

Maxine Bew

John Boniface

Peter Bowkett

Martin Brennan

Natalie Brown

Eileen Brown

Pam Burch

David Burtenshaw

Bessie Burtenshaw

Dave Butfoy

Wendy Calver

Maude Lilian Cameron

Bert Cannell

Diana Carey

Pop Carr

Karl Chidsey

Alix Clarke

William Daly

Vicky Darling

Bryn Deadman

Sheila Delany

Dick O’Donovan

Norman Dix

Gerry Duke

Vanessa Endres

Reg Etheridge-Barnes

Jack Fernee

Annie Foley

Emma Fontes

Ann Katherine (Kay) Foster

Bob Frankland

Thomas Frankland

Ivor Fuller

Grace Gaston

Harold Gaston

Allan Goodband

Anthony Goodband

Tanya Goodband

Alan Grainger

Dennis Gray

Edna Gray

Irene Greenfield

Dorothy Haines

Christine Hall

Peter Hamilton-Price

Tammy Haylock

Thomas Albert Haylock

Steven Horn

Andrew Horton

Robert Hughes Brown

Terence Hutchins

Rod Johnson

Clifford William Ketteridge

Gustavo Kienzler

Linnette Kilmartin

Alan Kirby

Edward Conrad Koeppl

Gill Luckhurst

Margarita Lynn

Valerie Mahoney

Janet Mary Mallaband

Sharon R.A. McGill

Hazel McGilligan

John McGuckin

Kevin Francis McManus

Susan Beverley Miller

Jenny Miller

John Mills

David Mitchell

Blanche Murray

John Murrell

Catherine O’Brien

Angela Jean O’Connell

Christine Parker

Evelyn Pateman

Frank Pateman

Anthony Pearson

Debbie Pennicard

Linda Pennicard

Brian Penny

Carolyn Penny

Anne Pickering

Hazel Preece

Marjorie (Madge) Preece

Colin Albert Prior

Elizabeth Pulsford

John James Roberts

John Roberts

Pam Rowlinson

John Salmon

Barbara Selby

David Selby

Patricia Shade

Steward Shortland

Jessica Smart

Leslie Smith

Margaret Smith

Monica Smith

Trevor M P Smith

Graham Stenning

Faye Taylor

William Taylor

Michael Thomas Tite

Michael Underhill

Henry Upshall

Yvonne Upshall

Tim Vernon-Browne

Michael Voigt

Dennis Wakeford

Iain Walker

Stephen Welton

Peter West

Shirley West

Jenny Wheller

Brian Wigley

John Wilkins

David Willie

Violet Wood




Mary Elizabeth

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