Our Inpatient Ward

Our Inpatient Ward

A short period of inpatient care can make a real difference to how someone feels.

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Staying at St Peter & St James Hospice

Many people have a short stay on our ward to get difficult symptoms such as pain or breathlessness under control. A short period of inpatient care can make a real difference to how someone feels; nearly half of those who come to stay on the ward return home feeling more comfortable. Others may come in for end of life care. While you are with us, it is helpful to discuss your preferences regarding your care as there may be specific treatments you would like to accept, or others you would like to decline. If you’re unsure, our doctors and nurses will be happy to talk through your concerns and offer their advice.

What happens when I stay at St Peter & St James Hospice?

Our doctors will focus on keeping you as comfortable as possible. They’ll review you regularly and will work to ease any difficult symptoms you’re experiencing. Tests are carried out and monitoring done as needed, rather than routinely, so you’ll have lots of time to rest and enjoy visits from family and friends.

Our hospice nurses are here to help you cope with the practical and emotional impact of your illness. They’ll be your first point of contact so please talk to them if you have any questions or concerns. You also have a nurse call bell in your room, which is there for whenever you need any assistance. Our nurses will usually administer your medication, but if you would prefer to do it yourself please speak to one of them about this. If you wish to take any medication you have bought over the counter, please let them know so they can ensure it mixes safely with other medication. You may not always see the same nurse, but everyone you meet on the ward will know about your care plan and preferences.

If you’re well enough during your stay, you can also access our Wellbeing services or Physiotherapy. To find out more, you can speak to one of the nurses or read the other leaflets in your room.

Inpatient FAQs

Visiting St Peter & St James Hospice

What should I bring when I come in?

We want you to feel safe and comfortable whilst here. We have emergency supplies if you forget something, but would recommend you try to bring in the following: clothing including nightwear, toiletries, a shaver or razor if you use one, tissues, a favourite pillow or throw, a good book or magazine, your favourite CDs or DVDs, photos or decorative items, drinks or tasty snacks for your room fridge, your mobile phone, a laptop, tablet or phone charger and your current medication.

Do I have to pay for my stay at the hospice?

Through donations, legacies, events and other gifts, our generous community cover over 80% of our running costs, meaning hospice care is free of charge to you and your family.

How long will I stay at the hospice?

Once your symptoms are under control, usually after a week or so, you can return home. Before you’re discharged, your needs will be discussed and you may be referred to our other services.

Is food provided?

Our cooks rustle up delicious meals, snacks and desserts every day and can respond to special requests. Breakfast is at 8am, lunch at 12.30pm and supper at 5pm. Your family and friends can also order food at our kitchen hatch at reasonable prices. Our Beacon View cafe is usually open on weekdays too: here you’ll find sandwiches, paninis and cakes.

Can I leave my room when I am on the ward?

Yes! There is a lounge and family room that you are welcome to use. You can also explore our beautiful hospice gardens or pop out. Please let our nurses know if you plan to leave the ward.

Do you share my personal information?

Our team may need to share your personal information within the hospice and with other healthcare professionals. Information about you will always be managed in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998. We will not share information about you with your family or friends without your consent. Please refer to our privacy policy for details on how we manage your information.

Who do I speak to if I want to give any feedback about my care?

We hope you’ll feel safe, comfortable and happy here, but if you have any worries or suggestions on how we can improve, we’ll always listen. Just chat to one of our nurses in the first instance. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please write to our Chief Executive, Martin Powell, or contact the Care Quality Commission. We’ll investigate and respond to you within 20 working days.

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