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Hospice Stories

Meet the Volunteer: Chris in Events

By May 31, 2022October 11th, 2022No Comments
Group of volunteers pose for a photo behind a stall.

Chris is a new volunteer but like many people locally she was very familiar with the hospice. Friends and neighbours had always spoken so highly of their experiences with the hospice so when Chris had a bit more time on her hands it was the first place she thought of as she wanted to help in the local community.

Having friends who also volunteer she already knew how welcome she would be made but thought she would have to commit time every week. Chris said “Even though I knew other volunteers, I hadn’t realised that I could just help out occasionally. Being able to contribute in this way will be so rewarding.”

Being an occasional volunteer in the events team means she helps out periodically to suit her timetable. Assisting with events works brilliantly for her and for the hospice who get an extra helping hand when they need it most.


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