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St Peter & St James Hospice provides free, expert care to anyone in our community affected by a life-limiting illness. This support includes patients, their friends and family.

How we support you 

St Peter & St James Hospice provides specialist palliative and end of life care for adults. Palliative care is the physical, emotional, practical and spiritual support of an individual with a life-limiting illness, including those close to them. Our skilled workforce is committed to supporting you, from the point of diagnosis and throughout your illness.

Many people think about hospices as buildings but here at St Peter and St James Hospice we are much more than one location. Our version of hospice care involves supporting people who need us in the best way possible, wherever they want to be. Many people prefer to be in the place they call home, others enjoy attending our Living Well Centre, and some will need care at our unit.

If you need any of the services below please contact us.

Community Nursing Team

Our expert team can help you with symptoms you may have, such as pain, nausea, breathlessness and other difficult symptoms. We can help you plan and record your preferences for your future care. We work closely with your GP and other services to ensure the best possible care for you. We can support you in person, on the phone or with video calls, depending on your needs.  

Inpatient Unit

We provide specialist care, 24 hours per day at our Inpatient Unit which has lovely views of our beautiful grounds overlooking the Sussex countryside. 

Many people have a short stay in our Hospice to help reduce the effects of difficult symptoms, such as pain or breathlessness, or when they are approaching the end of their life. Typically people stay with us for a week or two; if your condition stabilises we will support you to return home or to another care facility, if required. 

All food is freshly prepared and cooked in our kitchens for patients and is available to purchase for those visiting. Family members and friends are welcome to visit anytime and we can accommodate those who wish to stay with the patient as they approach the end of their life.  

Room of Inpatient Unit

Living Well Centre

Living with a life-limiting illness can be challenging and prevent you from doing the things that matter most to you. Our goal is to help you to live well. The team at St Peter & St James Hospice will help you to: 

  • Focus on what Living Well means to you,  
  • Identify your concerns and priorities,  
  • Find ways to do the things that matter most to you.    

For more information about our Living Well Centre and the activities and sessions available please click the button below. 

Living Well Centre


Our counselling service provides a confidential space with a trained professional to help you make sense of, and adjust to life, at a challenging time. Counselling can help you to improve your quality of life, feel more in control, understand your choices and improve your relationships.  

We offer 12 sessions, each 50 minutes long, focusing on the impact of your diagnosis and the effects it has had on you and those close to you. Our counselling service can be provided in your own home, at the hospice, face to face, via phone or online.  

Read more on our blog

Spiritual Support

When living with a life-limiting illness, people often reflect on their life experiences and questions can arise. You might wonder what your life has been about, what matters most to you, what kind of funeral you would like, or what will happen next.  

Our spiritual care team can help you make sense of these questions or discuss confidentially anything you feel you need to. If you are of faith, we can ask our local community faith leaders to support you. We have a quiet, reflective space called The Sanctuary at the Hospice which you are very welcome to visit. 

Welfare Advice

Our Welfare Advice service can help with any practical issues, such as applying for grants and benefits, financial planning, debt advice, housing and transport issues (for instance getting a blue disability parking badge). We can help with any pension changes and life insurance or critical illness cover and ‘death in service’ where this is required. 

We can signpost to other services for support with will-writing and funeral planning if needed. 

Social Work

Our social worker is a key member of the hospice team and can work with other agencies to help you explore options and make choices about your care and support, according to your needs and what matters most to you.  

Our social worker can support you with your practical, social and emotional needs and is available to your family and friends as well. This might include facilitating challenging conversations, how to communicate with your children or young relatives, plans for guardianship and tackling the effects of isolation. 

Hospice Biographers

When thinking about your life there may be a story or message you wish to share with those close to you. Our Hospice Biographers help to make digital recordings of your story or message, which is then transferred to several memory sticks. These are then given to you, so that you can give them to those close to you, at a time of your choosing.  

We work with the charity, The Hospice Biographers, which provides specialised training to our volunteers. Our Hospice Biography volunteers record with care and sensitivity on a private, one-to-one basis, using professional recording equipment.  

Complementary Therapy Service

This service can include aromatherapy, massage and reflexology sessions. The therapist will discuss with you what treatment may be of benefit to you and adapt it to suit your needs. Alongside any medical treatment that you may be having, complementary therapies may help to ease a variety of symptoms.


Our physiotherapist works with you to improve your quality of life, providing exercises, education and, where necessary, equipment such as walking aids.

This service aims to:

  • Increase your confidence in your mobility
  • Help you to do the activities of daily living and adapt to your condition.
  • Help control symptoms such as pain and breathlessness
  • Support you to return home after a stay on our inpatient unit.
Jackie Keane posed with her 4 children when they were young.

Mum was very strong, in both character and body and I think that’s how she fought her illness for so long. It meant she was determined to live as normally as possible and St Peter & St James Hospice helped her do that.

Read Jackie's Story
Staff and carers sat in sunshine

How do we support your carer, family and friends?

We are not only committed to providing you with the best possible care but also to those close to you, including your carer, family and friends.

We have a range of services for your carer, friends and family. For more information see the page linked below.

Carers, Family & Friends
Our Healthcare staff

How can I be referred to St Peter & St James Hospice?

We welcome referrals from your GP or healthcare professionals involved in your care. You can also refer yourself directly to St Peter & St James Hospice.

For more information about making a referral, please see our Refer to Us page, linked below.

Refer to Us
Our staff

What happens after I have been referred?

When you are referred to us we will contact you to discuss your needs, address your concerns and plan your care with you.

If your condition changes or you have any concerns or queries you can contact us anytime on 01444 471 598.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.  

Contact Us
Staff and carers sat in sunshine

Carers, Family & Friends

Patient sat with carer in living well centre

Living Well Centre

Healthcare worker smiling

Refer to Us