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Could you help us purchase vital medical and personal care items that would bring comfort to our patients? Please donate today to help your local hospice.

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Patient Care Wishlist

Could you help us buy some medical and personal care items we urgently need on our In-Patient Unit to bring comfort, peace and dignity to our patients’ final days?

On the In-Patient Unit, we encounter people with a diverse range of needs and a vital part of providing our excellent level of care is having the best equipment to hand.

By donating today, you are helping to ensure we have all the equipment our nurses need to keep patients as comfortable as possible, now and in the future”

As we all know, the last couple of years have been extremely challenging. We haven’t been able to fundraise as normal, so are relying on our generous local community to help us buy equipment to continue to keep our patients comfortable.

Take a look below at the items you could donate towards, thereby helping us to purchase some of these vital items?

Tracy's Story

Framed photo of Gill

I can’t tell you how amazing the hospice nurses are here – not just to Mum, but to me and Dad, too. They’re happy to just sit with Mum, brush her hair and make sure she’s in a fresh nightie – it’s these little things that make the difference. The hospice even allows Mum’s hairdresser, and nail lady, to visit so she  can have a trim and to make her feel her  best, which means the world. It’s this level of individual care that’s so special, and such a relief. When I leave Mum for  the day, I know someone is going to be  there for her – to moisten her lips and  check she’s okay. It’s strange but even  when I’m not at the hospice, I still feel close to her.

It is so important for the nurses and  doctors to have the right equipment.  The nurses have told me they want  to buy a bladder scanner, a brilliant  machine that detects when a patient  needs to go to the bathroom to prevent  discomfort and more serious health  complications. I know for Mum this  would be a huge help and mean that  she won’t be in so much pain.

“I urge anybody reading this to help buy the vital equipment needed to give every patient  the best possible care as they approach the end of their life, just like my Mum has had”

Tracy’s mum chose to be cared for at St Peter & St James Hospice at the end of her life; read more about her story as told by her daughter Tracy and see why specialist equipment is so important to the care we give.

Lollipop Sponges

Graphic of lollipop sponges.

These little sponges play a big role in keeping patients hydrated and comfortable in their final days. Often, people at the end of life lose the ability to swallow or lick their lips – we all know how uncomfortable it is to have a dry mouth. These sponges can be dipped in water or juice to help relieve that dryness. In the middle of what’s often a distressing time, this is something that family members can do themselves for their loved one – bringing immense comfort.


Graphic of nightwear

Many patients arrive at the hospice directly from the hospital – and only have their hospital gown to wear. We’d like to have enough soft cotton nightgowns and pyjamas, in a range of sizes, to ensure that we can give every patient fresh, new nightwear when they arrive.

Medical Observation Kits

Graphic of digital thermometer

We regularly check our patients’ condition including their breathing and blood pressure, using  medical observation kits placed in each bedroom. These include a blood pressure cuff, a digital thermometer and an oxygen saturation probe. These kits are essential to keeping our patients comfortable and need replacing regularly.

Pressure Alarm Mat and Patient Alert Alarm

Graphic of alarm mat

These clever mats tell us when a patient attempts to get out of bed. The mat goes under the bedsheet and if a patient gets up when we’re not in the room the mat will immediately send a message to our pager system, telling us which room we need to attend. This means we can get to patients much faster, especially important for patients at risk of falling out of bed.

Syringe driver kits

Graphic of synringe driver

Almost every patient we see needs medication delivered by a syringe driver. These are specialist pieces of equipment that allow us to deliver a specific amount of medication (often pain relief) over a prolonged period of time. The kits are expensive, so we take great care of them – but they do wear out, and have to be replaced at regular intervals.

Bladder Scanner

Graphic of bladder scanner

This is a piece of specialist equipment we’ve never been able to purchase before. It works like an ultrasound machine and allows us to scan a patient’s bladder to see if they need help to go to the toilet. Patients who are not conscious can’t tell us of course – but they will still feel the same pain and discomfort of a full bladder. At the moment, we can only judge by pressing directly on the bladder, however this machine would mean we can accurately check patients without causing discomfort.

It would also be useful to have a couple of accessories to go with the bladder scanner…

Scanner trolley – £495

A trolley would mean we can wheel the bladder scanner around the hospice, into a patient’s room, quickly and easily.

Scanner bag – £75

We would also like to purchase a bag to put the bladder scanner in, so it can easily be carried by our community nursing team when visiting patients’ homes.