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Regular Giving

You are as vital as the care we deliver.

Your regular gift means we have a steady stream of income we can rely on, ensuring we can plan ahead and develop and broaden our expert services. Regular gifts reassure us that we will be able to comfort and care for local families for years to come.

Our priority is our patients and what matters most to each individual. We take time to listen, chat, offer advice and reassurance whenever and wherever it is needed which could be in people’s own homes as well as within the Hospice itself.
Families often tell us that our hospice donkeys, Dudley and Dylan, who love going on guided walks around the ward gardens to meet patients, are also very good at listening, bringing a great deal of comfort at a difficult time.


Your regular gift has a direct impact on the care we are able to provide.

£10 per month for one year

Could pay for six sets of nightwear to ensure that we can give every patient fresh, new nightwear when they arrive from hospital.

£12 per month for one year

Could pay for two medical observation kits to check our patient’s breathing and blood pressure.

£15 per month for one year

Could pay for eight bereavement counselling sessions in people’s homes.

Terry shares with us why he choses to donate to us monthly and support our charity services.

When I think of that week and consider what it gave us, it just gave us a sense of peace. I would never have chosen to be parted from Jan, but if that was the way it had to be, this was the best way it could have happened, with her so comfortable and at peace, in beautiful surroundings, us with her the whole time, and welcomed and supported.

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Set up a regular donation today and help make a real difference to people’s lives.