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Everyone has a Story to Tell – The role of the Hospice Biographer

By November 11, 2022No Comments

We are very lucky to be able to offer our patients the services of two hospice biographers Pippa and Karen. Both Pippa and Karen are volunteers who have undergone training with a dedicated nationwide charity that trains and mentors specialist volunteers to record the biographies and life stories of anyone facing the end of their lives.

Our volunteers record with care and sensitivity on a one-to-one basis to create precious memories and heart-warming conversations.

Both Pippa and Karen have been trained to professionally record biographies and life stories on audio. Their training covered the art of active listening and documenting life stories. A biography can be a life story, a memory, a recipe or favourite poem or a special message for those they care about.

Our biographers have experience in dealing with difficult and unexpected situations and know how to communicate the meaningful memories a patient wants to leave.They undertake their role with the utmost sensitivity and understand the importance of boundaries for the wellbeing for all those involved in the recording process.

It is very important for people towards the end of life to share their stories and memories. Our biographers make the process enjoyable and it is often therapeutic to recall life events, express messages and connect meaningfully with friends and family.

Let us know if you would like to meet with and explore making a recording with our hospice biographers. It is a brilliant way for a loved one to create an ongoing connection and relive cherished memories in the process.