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You are as vital as the care we deliver.

My name is Ali and my passion for hospice nursing care comes from my own experience. My Dad had a palliative diagnosis but unfortunately became unwell, was rushed to hospital and died within an hour – I wasn’t with him. It was devastating for my whole family, from then on I knew I wanted other people to have a better experience.

Every patient is special and has their own fears, worries, hopes and wishes. Our job is to help them to manage their condition – so that they can then focus on living their life as fully as possible, right up to their last day. When we get everything right, when we help that person and their family to have a positive, painless, supported journey – it’s the best feeling in the world.

The best part of my job is being able to make a real difference to people’s lives.

It is the generosity of our supporters that makes our care possible. Without your support we just wouldn’t have the staff to deliver expert medical care, answer the phone, to hold a hand when bad news comes – or to be there to make sure someone in their final moments, has the support they really need.


Sponsor a Nurse and help nurses like Ali to reach more people in our community. Click on the buttons below to donate.


Could pay for support from a Healthcare Assistant in the Hospice.


Could fund one hour of nursing care on our inpatient unit.


Could pay for one hour of care in a patient’s home by a nurse like Ali.


Could pay for a full shift of community nursing care.


Could fund one week of community nursing care.

Toby tells us why he supports St Peter & St James Hospice;

The nurses were amazing. For Dad, it was the support with pain relief that was most important. They’re the most skilled people in pain management and they managed to find exactly the right spot where the pain was.

Thanks to the exceptional care provided by the hospice nurses, I was able to cherish those final moments with my Dad.

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Sponsor a nurse today and help make a real difference to people’s lives.