• Corporate Social Responsibility policy – being there for local families shows that you do as you say. By demonstrating your support to our hospice your customers, clients, suppliers and employees can see you are actively implementing your CSR policy.
  • Employee engagement and interaction – your staff will feel part of something truly special and charity involvement will boost their morale
  • Positive brand positioning – we’re confident that supporting us will show your brand positively; your customers will know that you both care and support the community that you work in, which may inspire them to spend more or come back to you
  • Positive PR coverage – we have great links with the local media and will work with you to promote your activity and shout loud and proud about the support you give us
  • Website and social media recognition – we’ll share your story on our blog and thank you on social media
  • Increased brand awareness – we can help bring your product or service to new audiences

If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 01444 471598 or email our Events and Community Fundraising Manager, Wendy.