Pay for a day

Pay for a day

Every day makes a difference.

The Hayman's story

£7200 will pay for one whole day of care

If you pay for a day, you’ll provide hospice care to our patients and their families. Your gift will cover all of the services we offer: our inpatient care, the activities and therapies at our Wellbeing Centre and our community nursing visits. It will also bring peace, comfort and calm to people at a difficult time.

Your day

Your day could honour someone’s memory or celebrate an occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. Organisations may choose to mark a date of particular significance to them or their staff, or to remember a colleague. Whatever the reason, paying for a day’s hospice care is a unique way to make the day special.

We'll celebrate with you

Your day will be special for you as well as the patients and families who are with us. We want you to enjoy, remember and be proud of your day. We’ll display a framed, personalised certificate in our reception on your chosen day which will then be sent to you to keep as a memento. If you’re happy for us to, we will also share your story on our website and social media and give you a gift as a token of our gratitude.

You’ll be invited into the hospice to see just how your generosity has helped and you’ll have the opportunity to meet our Chief Executive and nurses. We can also provide tea and cakes for you and your family to enjoy on the day.