Sponsor a room

Sponsor a room

If you sponsor a room at St Peter & St James Hospice, you’ll bring expert and compassionate hospice care and comfort to people when they need it most and help to create a home from home for those we look after.

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Choosing a room to sponsor

We’d love you to choose a room that matters to you. It could be a room that holds a positive memory for you, a room in which a loved one was cared for, or simply a room that touches or inspires you in some way.

Rooms to sponsor

A hospice bedroom
£1000 per month

Every patient who stays with us is looked after with compassion and dignity in their own private room. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and homely and are well equipped with everything we need to provide our expert care. The patient, their family and friends can come together to create precious memories.

The donkey pen

Our donkeys, Dudley and Dylan, are two much loved members of the hospice team. They can be found grazing in the field outside our main entrance and love snacking on carrots and throwing their food buckets around! Their large pen, set in beautiful Sussex countryside, keeps them safe and provides a lovely spot for patients and families to sit together.

We'll celebrate with you

We want you to enjoy, remember and be proud of your gift. If you sponsor a room, your support will be recognised with a personalised engraved silver heart on an oak plaque, which will be positioned outside your chosen bedroom, for the length of time you have chosen to sponsor the room. After this, the silver engraved heart will be taken home to be kept as a special keepsake.

If you’d like further information about sponsoring a room, or have chosen a room you would like to sponsor, please contact our Fundraising team on 01444 471598.