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Terry’s Story: Despite everything, it was a really special time.

By December 21, 2023No Comments

Terry’s wife Janet and his family were cared for by St Peter & St James Hospice in 2018. He shares with us why he choses to donate to us monthly and support our charity services.

My wife, Janet, was admitted to the hospice in March 2018 and was there for five days before she died. Strangely, although we were obviously deeply distressed, we all feel that we had a really special few days. It was never a question in my mind that I would stay with her. There was a bed for me in the room, next to Jan, and the nurses didn’t bat an eyelid at my daughters staying.

The room itself was beautiful, very bright and sunny, with a lovely view of the garden, and it was decorated beautifully too. We brought photos and various bits of Jan’s, so we essentially moved in.

Despite everything, it was a really special time.

When I think of that week and consider what it gave us, it just gave us a sense of peace. I would never have chosen to be parted from Jan, but if that was the way it had to be, this was the best way it could have happened, with her so comfortable and at peace, in beautiful surroundings, us with her the whole time, and welcomed and supported.

The nurses were all brilliant. They knew exactly what they were doing to ensure Janet felt no pain at all. They explained things clearly and answered our questions. They were exceptionally good at dealing with our emotional responses and my daughters regularly had an arm around their shoulders. They were also wonderful to us after we lost Jan too, incredibly supportive and kind. It is not just the nurses. The hospice doctor we saw was wonderful when she had to break bad news to us, and we would also say the other staff too, the reception staff, the catering staff. Everybody is very welcoming.

I give monthly so that others can benefit from the same care my wonderful wife, Jan, and my family received.

Regular gifts like Terry’s monthly donation mean we have a steady stream of income we can rely on, ensuring we can plan ahead and develop and broaden our expert services. Regular gifts reassure us that we will be able to comfort and care for our local community and families, like Jan, Terry and their daughters, for years to come.

Find out more about regular giving or contact our fundraising team at, by calling 01444 470 710 or by using our contact form.

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