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Hospice Stories

Tracy’s Story

By May 3, 2022October 11th, 2022No Comments
Frame of phone with photo of Gill, her husband and daughter.

Tracy’s mum chose to be cared for at St Peter & St James at the end of her life; read her story as told by her daughter Tracy and see why specialist equipment is so important to the care we give.



“St Peter & St James have been wonderful to Mum – and I can’t  thank them enough”

My Mum is the best. A very proud lady – she always kept her home spotless, always looked immaculate. A quiet, considerate and thoughtful soul who puts others before herself. That’s Mum.  

Mum had never really been ill, so for Dad and I to see her curled up in a hospital bed, tearful and begging to leave, was utterly heart-breaking. But as soon as we got her to St Peter & St James Hospice, she relaxed. It was like a huge weight had been lifted. I’ll always remember her saying, “I can’t believe it, it’s so peaceful here; I can actually get a good night’s sleep.”

It’s such a beautiful place at the hospice. When she can, Mum likes to sit up in bed and watch the scenery – the  birds flying by and the donkeys in the meadow. One day I remember the  nurses helped her get dressed and we  took her around the grounds in her wheelchair to see them. Mum absolutely loved it. When someone is that ill, to be able to get out into the fresh air is a massive thing.

I can’t tell you how amazing the hospice nurses are here – not just to Mum, but to me and Dad, too. They’re happy to just sit with Mum, brush her hair and make sure she’s in a fresh nightie – it’s these little things that make the difference. The hospice even allows Mum’s hairdresser, and nail lady, to visit so she  can have a trim and to make her feel her  best, which means the world. It’s this level of individual care that’s so special, and such a relief. When I leave Mum for  the day, I know someone is going to be  there for her – to moisten her lips and  check she’s okay. It’s strange but even  when I’m not at the hospice, I still feel close to her.

It is so important for the nurses and  doctors to have the right equipment.  The nurses have told me they want  to buy a bladder scanner, a brilliant  machine that detects when a patient  needs to go to the bathroom to prevent  discomfort and more serious health  complications. I know for Mum this would be a huge help and mean that she won’t be in so much pain.

“I urge anybody reading this to help buy the vital equipment needed to give every patient  the best possible care as they approach the end of their life, just like my Mum has had”

I can’t put into words just how grateful me and Dad are for everything St Peter  & St James Hospice is doing for Mum, and for us. So, I urge anybody reading this to help buy the vital equipment needed to give every patient the best possible care as they approach the end  of their life, just like my Mum has had. You never know when you may need help too.

Thank you,


I am heartbroken to say that my beloved Mum died on Wednesday 9th March at the hospice, the day after I wrote these words to you.  It means the world to me that the hospice was able to make Mum’s final days the best they could be; peaceful, restful and dignified. 


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