Covid-19: updated hospice visitor information

We can now accommodate daily one hour visits, so you can spend time with a loved one who is staying with us. Visiting will be a maximum of two people per room at a time between 2pm – 5pm daily. This may include key family members and/or, at the discretion of the Nurse in charge, children under 16.

If you are visiting, please follow our procedures around face coverings and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Please also ensure you respect social distancing at all times.

All routine visits must be planned in advance, with up to two visitors able to attend at the same time. Members of the same household may visit the hospice together, but we ask those living in different households to visit separately.

Visits will be arranged at the start of each week by a member of the hospice team, who will telephone the nominated contact for each patient to arrange a suitable day and time for your visit. If you would like to arrange a visit, you can book one here or call us on 07821 493229. Please leave a message if your call is not answered.

Clearly things change on a daily basis, but as far as possible we want to be able to schedule visits in advance so we can plan around them.

When visiting the ward, we encourage the use of outdoor spaces such as our garden and terraced areas.


We understand that every patient circumstances are different and, where appropriate, we may be able to make exceptions to our guidance on visiting. At the end of someone’s life, we will proactively encourage one or more family members to visit and, if possible, to stay at the hospice.

Other exceptions may include instances where a patient is at greater risk of distress, such as those with learning difficulties, language difficulties or dementia. We may also make exceptions if our team believes it to be appropriate for somebody’s health and wellbeing.

What do I need to do ahead of my visit, and and on arrival?

  • Make arrangements in advance by calling the visitor hotline
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to visit, so we can keep your loved one updated. You can phone 07821 493229 to speak to the Visiting Officer
  • Please bring a clean face covering with you and wear this at all times whilst at the hospice
  • When you arrive at the hospice, please report to reception at the agreed time for your visit  
  • You will be asked to sign a statement confirming your current state of health and disclosing whether you have had any symptoms that could be an indication of Covid-19 
  • You will also be asked to make a commitment that you will abide by our requirements for infection prevention while you are in the hospice.  If you do meet these requirements, you are putting our staff and others at risk, and we will not be able to permit further visits

What should I do whilst at the hospice?

On arrival, you must clean your hands thoroughly with the anti-bacterial gel provided. Please do this again before you leave, and wash your hands thoroughly on arrival home.

  • Try to reduce your physical contact with other people, including any staff. They will ask you to keep two metres apart from other people 
  • Please wear your face covering at all times and use the hand sanitiser provided. Please bring your own clean face covering as the hospice cannot provide these. The masks we have are for clinical use
  • Try not to touch your face. If you need to touch your face, use a tissue or clean your hands before and afterwards 
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve. Afterwards, wash your hands or use hand sanitiser
  • If you are visiting a patient with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19, or who is considered to be particularly at risk, we will provide clinical Personal Protective Equipment which must be worn at all times during your visit
  • You will be taken to the outside space of the patient’s room or to the entrance nearest to their room by a member of staff.
  • Visitors can go into a patient’s rooms but will be expected to step outside the room if asked to do so by a member of staff
  • Exceptions to the number of visitors may be possible if a patient has children under the age of 16, but this must be pre-arranged with a member of the hospice team

If you are unable to visit in person, please let us know as we can arrange telephone or online video calls from the patients’ rooms.