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World Poetry Day 2022

By March 21, 2022October 11th, 2022No Comments

In the Family Support Centre at St Peter & St James Hospice we offer a number of wellbeing activities, one of which is Writing for Wellbeing. This session offers participants the opportunity to write creatively and explore their self-expression in a fun and therapeutic way. Currently the sessions are run online by Helen Stockton of Write this Time, who is a freelance published writer and qualified teacher.

For World Poetry Day 2022, we asked participants if they would like to write something and they delivered some great, heartfelt pieces. Check them out below;


Guess who?

I am disabled but want to be independent

I am a granny, loving absent grandchildren, thankful for the ipad

I am a spring, a stream, cool and refreshed, young and full of energy

I am not without faults


I am committed

I am creativity, curiosity and craftsmanship

I am Christian and socialist in my beliefs

I am not a demanding granny. I like to think of my grandchildren learning, making friends, having adventures and getting in touch from time to time.


I am a rock salt lamp that gives off a gentle, welcoming glow

I am anxious about the terrors in Ukraine

I am reflective

I am not begrudging of my situation; I accept my lot.


I am honest

I am not young or old

I am not a fighter or warrior

I am living in a dreary town that I don’t like

I am not a dull, grey, characterless house made by bored architects and builders who don’t care

I am not a computer of hard, processed plastics and harsh, glaring light, a universal sore thumb, wrenching biorhythms out of sync

I am not a pink marshmallow.

Written jointly by Norman, Gill, Louise, Sarah and Helen



I’m a sea ravine,

Treacherous and slippery,

Hiding treasures too


I am a mountain,

A scenic kaleidoscope

Rich in its changes

– Sarah


I am the green hills

That roll towards the vast, azure ocean

Forever there

– Gill


I am an honest person

Although I steal my expenses.

Will I be sacked,

Or will they not be aware..?

– Norman


Ground under foot

Rough ferns dramatic

Purple and green.

– Louise