Sponsor a nurse

Sponsor a nurse

The nurses at St Peter & St James provide expert and compassionate clinical care both at the hospice and in people's own homes. Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Set up a regular gift

Together we can be there for local families

Our nurses focus on what matters most to the patient, offering advice, reassurance and taking the time to simply listen or chat. Families often tell us that our hospice donkeys, Dudley and Dylan, who love going on guided walks around the ward garden to meet patients, are also very good at listening, bringing a great deal of comfort at a difficult time.

None of this would be possible without your support.

A regular gift means that we have a steady stream of income we can rely on and we can therefore develop our expert services and plan ahead. Regular gifts reassure us that our hospice nurses, and donkeys, will be able to comfort and care for local families for years to come.

Sponsoring a nurse

£23 a month for one year will provide a patient 12 hours of advice and support in the comfort of their own home.

£19 a month for one year will ensure 12 hours of compassionate nursing care on the ward.

£10 a month for one year will provide a patient 12 hours of support from a Health Care Assistant in the hospice.

Sponsoring a donkey

£8.67 a month (just £2 a week) could go towards the care of our donkeys, helping families to benefit from their calming and uplifting experience.

Gary's story

“My amazing partner, Debbie, died in 2018.

Initially, the hospice supported us at home. Nurse Gary would visit often, some days reviewing and changing Debbie’s medication, and others talking us through what to do or expect next. After the first visit Debbie smiled and said ‘I like him’.

The two built a fantastic relationship; it was Debbie’s wish to be well-informed and Gary was open and honest throughout. During his visits somebody would always end up giggling. To have such compassionate, personalised care in our own home was hugely comforting.

When Debbie passed away, I stepped outside and let the nurses do what they needed to do. When I came back in the room, she had been freed of medical equipment and flowers had been placed around her. It was as if all her pain and struggle had gone; she was peaceful and looked so beautiful. I will forever be grateful for that moment.”

– Gary Beer